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Perhaps the last web platform you'll ever need?

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Brandlight Invstor Presentation On The Big Screen

Brandlight-up your life

It’s the probably best ecommerce platform for building business that you’ll have ever seen.

We’re just not playing at this – or wasting time on Facebook’s out-dated idea of a good-time – as I will demonstrate…

We are advanced because we had to invent many the things that just didn’t exist before – mostly to save ourselves from the never-ending over-promising underwhelming marketing-machine of drowning in do-it-yourself apps.

Brandlight is a nitrous-boosted enterprise, do-everything, final-answer, to eliminate all the multi-app integration crap in a world of confusion and empty promises.

It’s the cool, calm, sociable friend for every business – it gets on with the job – and makes you better looking too!

The website that’s always up-to-date – the system everyone knows how to use because it’s just a website – and the know-it-all answer to every question ever asked of a brand.

It might even be the last web platform you ever need to think about – a bold claim, but we don’t want to see another me-too “great-idea” trying to steal our time and money either.

So we can; show you everything we can do as you read on – or please do carry on with your day if you like your screen full of icons, all the browser tabs open, Office 2010 still works, and the technology you know is good enough.

Making money

Let’s start with the money, it’ll save you from scrolling to the end, and saves us both from wasting each other’s time if you’ve got 99 emails and Powerpoint decks to get through, or we can be just another Apple you wish you’d picked in 1999.

  • We’re already live and profitable – investment is not needed to make us exist or profitable – it is however necessary to scale that profitability faster.
  • We already have over $1bn in company-value of clients waiting for us to get this round of the fundraising complete, to focus on building their international ecommerce websites, more than one at a time.
  • We’re valuing the platform based on it being highly-likely to become a website operating system for millions of dollars in business – every day.
  • We’re targeting making your investment worth 10-times more in 5 years – we’ve been doing ecommerce for 20 years now, so this ain’t our first rodeo.

Seed investment in the platform is complete, at something like $20m already invested by the team over two-decades, including personal funding, and reinvesting every penny of profits to make the platform you see today.

We have all of those 20 years experience as a team of mostly developers, that know a lot more developers, and 1.2 million customers that have already bought through our platforms.

We feel it’s time to pass on the growth-acceleration part to those experts – so we can focus on sales and onboarding.

Series A fundraising is for a matching $4m matching-investment in return for 20% equity, with a $20m pre-seed valuation to reflect the market-size potential of the platform today.

{Insert chart of an line to represent growth f(x) = bx, where b > 0 and b ≠ 1} [1]

Further series rounds are targeted to achieve at least a $1bn valuation – someone has to solve all this and will get paid for making it happen – it had may as well be with you if you’re in the market for some scaleable tech and intellectual property.

Fancy having the next Uber, AirBnB or Dollarshave? We can build anything like that with the Brandlight platform.

Or just make every other business you know leaner, cleaner and faster with a kickstarter system for the same things they all need.

You probably know how to build businesses too – now you can have a business-building template, with of the data-structure, documentation and communication systems it’s likely to need, all in one website.

Sell a business, keep the systems to make another one – it’s an evolving, repeatable business-acceleration platform.

Never explain the same thing twice again!

Still with me?

Grab yourself a drink – and I shall explain…

Introducing the team

The story of us [2], and the building of the Brandlight platform began 20 years ago – enterprise-level ecommerce is our specialist subject.

We began developing Brandlight with a commitment; that it would be the last website ecommerce platform we would ever need to build.

We’ve grown organically, and developed a unique ecommerce platform – which is becoming our complete business operating system.

Brandlight is fast to scale, fast to replicate, multi-everything – and a single source of truth for brand communications.

The technology problem


After two-decades in the ecommerce business we found the accumulation of separate applications for separate responsibilities, with the integration needs and duplication of data across each, all became far more costly in time, money and staffing than we could justify or recommend to even our worst enemies.

We just can’t sell what we know will become more costs, complexity and effectively a tax on growth.

We need to be certain we will save everyone time and money, without artificial limitations, before we ask for anyone’s trust in our alternative.


We were spending more on server hosting, software subscription licences and user management than physical buildings with an equivalent footfall would spend on rent, fixtures, fitting and management.

Technology is supposed to make everything faster, easier and cheaper – assuming you can keep up with it!


It becomes overwhelmingly complex for most people to research, develop and yield greater value from software than the costs of maintaining all the increasing amounts of data, and attempts to manage everything with yet another separate app, system or team.

Missing information

Brands and organisations contain vast amounts more knowledge than their systems and website platform allows them to share or publish – and publishing knowledge is one of the greatest ways to refine and promote a brand’s expertise.

We solve that by making the brand’s website its secure focal-point for all physical or digital products, services, research and communications.


It needs to be as quick and easy to use as any social-media platform, with the proven security of the most popular web platforms in the world.


Compliance has become the greatest risk to every business, with GDPR laws, Google, Paypal, Carriers, Customs, Regulators and all the many other authorities developing automated tools to check websites, business integrity, staff, feedbacks, frauds, vulnerabilities, transactions and shipments.

Who, what, where, when, why, how

Mere mortals cannot keep up and know everything – software can.

This is a technology challenge, requiring a technology solution – it must be faster than the risks can exceed the rewards.

It must be an auditable question & answer machine, with perfect record-keeping, policies and procedures.

There’s already many apps in the world, not enough time to review all of them, and too many ways for it all to go wrong or need attention than many organisations can manage.

Brands need to focus on creating great products and delivering great services.

No business should have more apps and problems than they have staff.

The Brandlight solution

One app – your website!

Well, a pathway to a lot less apps at least – with one central, single source of truth – an interface for every relationship between audiences, customers, products, suppliers, staff and services.

All through a single, secure, role-based login.

There is no “back-end” for users – everything is editable in the same “front-end” that people browse – if someone can use a website, they can use all their privileged features when logged-in on any device, with security by-design through encryption at-rest for all private data.

Simply login, the menus are updated for access to all areas, and your website is now the portal for your entire business. What you see, really is what you get.

This is all included in just one live web application that does all this:
(you can skim-read of course, the point is we can do almost that anything that any separate app might – but with your website)

✅Public Website
✅Private Information Portal
✅Articles & Blog
✅Helpdesk & Messaging
✅Glossary or Wiki
✅Agreements & Contracts
✅Blockchain-encrypted records
✅Compliance Rules
✅Content Management System (CMS)
✅Product Information Management (PIM)
✅Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
✅Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
✅Affiliate Network Platform
✅Warehouse Management System (WMS)
✅Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)
✅Human Resources Management (HRM)
✅Staff Scheduling
✅Call & Meeting Scheduling
✅Transactional Emails
✅Social Media Posting & Communications
✅User Management
✅Know Your Client (KYC)
✅Accounts for Customers, Suppliers, Financial Services & Investors
✅Blockchain-immutable ledgers
✅Business & Tax Rules
✅Multi-channel (Amazon, Ebay, Google, Retail Stores, Wholesale, Brokers, Phone, Social)
✅Multi-payment (Adyen, Paypal, Bitcoin etc)
✅Secure, secure and more secure.

Yes, we needed to tick a lot of boxes to get back to the business of communicating more and integrating less.

Users don’t care about systems, they care about getting things done – and so do we!

If you still need any other apps, we’ll connect with them, again from this central hub of knowledge, connectivity and communications – and probably reproduce and replace them with a little studying too.

A problem solving machine

The journey to launching the first live websites based on the Brandlight platform was filled with challenges – that’s what we love solving.

The primary goal being that everything must be possible within one website, all as editable as it is browsable.

It has resulted in the invention and creation of many innovative and unique solutions, especially for;

  • fast and affordable AI translation in any language with native-user front-end refinement;
  • multi-region domain presentation from a single database and;
  • a hub & spoke approach to content management, documentation and professional agreements – to de-duplicate effort.

Information and communications must flow quickly and consistently, we do everything once in the best possible way, so that the machines can then do it just as well every time thereafter.

Get back to business

It can take years to setup and document all the legal, compliance and integration needs for an ecommerce website – we can do that in weeks right now, days very soon, and eventually fully-automated self-service through a set-up wizard and tick-boxes for the features to enable.

We’ve done all this before, and have all been building web applications for 20 years – since website payments were made with a phone call for a credit card number.

Managed systems, shared costs

We practice what we preach, benefit directly from what we develop as users of the same systems, and are sensitive to the reliability and performance throughout every day.

We’re not offering yet another blank DIY website platform, requiring yet more setup, integrations and admin – we’re offering a fully setup and launched, ready-to-sell, managed international ecommerce platform and business systems.

Own everything

Every Brandlight site has enterprise-level standards and capabilities – every brand has every feature available if and when they need it.

Every Brandlight site is owned by the brand, on their own (on-premise or cloud) hosting account or ours, that we automatically maintain and supervise with qualified experience.

We can encrypt all personal and confidential data, so that only the owner with their secure and personally recoverable login can see their own data, whether that be customers, service agents, accounts, suppliers or owners.

Modern encryption methods can now guarantee data ownership and protection between the user’s view and the encrypted communications and storage.

We protect the users by educating and enforcing access-protections best-practice as detailed in plain-language with our password protection policy. [3]

We intend to and complete external security auditing, to prove and monitor for health and financial-services industry security compliance standards.

We provide the same genuine organisational solution that we also rely on daily for our own live and profitable ecommerce businesses.

The Brandlight business model

Brandlight pricing

Our pricing is calculated to be 100% mark-up on cost, and 50% margin on revenue.

Our Full-Service Ecommerce [4] page explains more on the breakdown of departmental services [5], and our Pricing page is also our self-service ecommerce services quoting [6] page.

Agency Resellers

The platform codebase and interface is one of the most widely understood among all web agencies.

It can be used by them to offload their framework development and secure hosting, to focus on the branding, marketing and high-quality content presentation – whilst retaining influence on feature development.

The Brandlight platform can be branded to give any brand a personalised presentation – whilst retaining core user-interface and search-engine optimisation principles and standards for all devices.

Agency clients can benefit from our multi-million dollar codebase, and large numbers of full-time developers and system administrators, more than they could affordably achieve alone with bespoke framework solutions per client.

The network of resellers can scale quickly, generating a community of Brandlight champions with an equal interest in the cost-efficiency and profitability of the platform, and reducing their own unnecessary time-costs by benefitting from a codebase collectively evolved faster than any one of us could alone.


We are proudly an open-source-first team [7], as both beneficiaries and advocates.

The barrier to entry for competition is not the source-code, it never can be when all developers need a copy anyway – it is knowing what to do with it, how to host it, how to configure it for a specific organisation, how to keep the data it manages secure, and how to service the clients for their maximum returns.

Those interested in also benefitting and offering the Brandlight platform to their own clients, will have a far greater benefit from the continual stream of updates and maintenance than they would from duplicating effort.

There’s no incentive to copy and fork a codebase that has continuous improvement from a larger community, the greater incentive is to also contribute improvements to the platform codebase, this is how open-source leverages faster with increasing numbers of qualified eyes on the prize.

The code must be open to benefit from the broadest possible qualified oversight – the value is in the data it gathers, protects and works with – that we keep private and secure.

Choosing the most popular open-source frameworks, we can have more developers contributing to the overall platform evolution than Amazon, or any other similar closed-source fiefdoms, all without their higher costs – and with the brand-direct advantage for search-engine rankings and costs-of-sales.

Open-source is secure, faster to evolve, and more cost-efficient to scale.

Scaleability is profitability, since fixed-costs are relatively fixed but margins increase with every deployment having an exponentially decreasing fixed-cost component.

And open-source is an excellent free-marketing tools, for winning the support of peers, integration partners, reviewers and owners alike, as most modern software vendors all know and do.

“Open source” and “enterprise” are common qualifying search terms in software procurement research.

“Free” is naturally a popular term too – for which we commit to publishing abundant free ecommerce education and code, to project our expertise, reputation for knowing and doing the right thing in every area – and to attract the best developers, confident in submitting their work to public scrutiny.

Our code and knowledge are free – our time and hosting is a chargeable service – that is the service and digital property we offer for brands to profit from – because a transparent and mutually-profitable partnership is a secure and longstanding partnership.

Recruitment without borders

We have already proven the remote-team advantage in building a team of over 50 people across 14 countries – similar to our comparable peers [8] – and a wider trusted network of hundreds more.

Our cost-base is incredibly low and predictable, it is simply the nourishment of designers, developers, writers and energy for indestructibly replicated, efficient and secure [2] cloud-based servers.

We can be everywhere you need us to be – with everything we do resulting in the building and growth of an increasingly valuable and capable codebase, intellectual property, and a reputation for performance.

Our reputable and secure base in Jersey [9] [10] [11] projects international confidence and alignment with significant esteemed financial services, for which we would recommend establishment of suitable new management offices for servicing our client and investor relations needs.

Your investment is also in being the direct beneficiary and preferred client of an army of the brightest developers, designers and writers – all ensuring every Brandlight website benefits from increasing sophistication and answering of common needs for any business.

We’re those techies that make all the useful stuff happen, and nice friends to have too I hope!

Our target audience

Brands that make what they offer!

The primary criteria for our client-base is they must create and offer something under their own brand name – and already be in the $50-$500m turnover bracket – this is a system for high-scale enterprise, although as economies of scale increase, it is likely we can lower that threshold for investing in fast-growth brands too.

Shopify, Wix, Squarespace etc already service the small-business market with a simpler bare-bones application for a few dollars a month – and have a pricing expectation according to the majority of their offering being self-service and relying on connecting a network or related apps, plugins and commissioning independent designers and developers. Their enterprise offerings are OK – ours are full-managed, all-inclusive, and we believe better for brands to focus on their product, services and content.

Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay all service the multi-brand marketplace needs of customers adequately – and we integrate with all of them to replicate brand product offerings wherever their customers are, to save on the costs of duplicate effort. There’s nothing to re-invent there, we simply make sure they work for brands more efficiently.

We find the most successful brands on each marketplace, with the greatest successes on those highly-competitive multi-brand platforms and in stores – then offer them a complete branded ecommerce solution for their own direct-to-consumer website promotion, that can also service all their wholesaling needs to resellers and brokers too.

Generally, any brand that has reasonable success on Amazon or similar, we would expect to enable at least achieve double their sales through their own-brand website, so the business-planning and return-on-investment calculations are relatively simple – it is “the enemy of my enemy, is my friend” principle.

Google Shopping is currently Amazon’s largest competitor and alternative source of research for customers – and typically generates far more sales from being the most popular starting-point for all internet searches. Therefore, we make extensive use of all integrated Google tools, to ensure the brand presentation is in all the right places, languages and currencies it needs to be for a global audience.

Adding brand value

Brand websites out-rank Amazon in Google!

The brand search-term is the most valuable to rank for – Amazon knows this and profits handsomely when brands don’t – we help brands realise their full search result value, so the Brandlight platform pays for itself and more.

Brand websites can on average save 12% on the costs of Amazon commissions when selling direct from their own website, either passing on the cost-savings, or use the additional marketing budget for alternative marketing channels and initiatives.

Brands can save at least a further 20-50% of margin when they can manage direct Amazon sales instead of selling to Amazon Retail, and recover large sums of cashflow from the long credit-terms that Amazon Retail demands.

The more successful Amazon Retail is at intercepting margin (as you’ll see from that little “sold-by Amazon” badge on products), the more calculable value and demand there is for our direct-to-consumer platform in replacing that costly routing strategy, both via utilising the lower-cost and cashflow-positive Amazon Marketplace direct sales with “Prime” shipping, and higher-ranking in Google Shopping from being the brand.

We studied how all the best marketplaces, supermarkets and health product websites present complex product data, without sufficient structure to scale to modern information and compliance needs – and then committed to doing much better – on every screen size, in every language.

Brands know more about their products than anyone – and with the correct database structure design from the beginning – they can offer a far superior presentation, with accurate, rich and structured product data for syndication to all channels – all far beyond the facilities offered by multi-brand websites with generic content management systems.

The data-structure is the most important foundation of all systems design – by getting this right, we liberate every other area.

Effectively Brandlight receives a guaranteed return (hosting) and dividend (transaction fees) from every brand client, we can scale to work with many desirable brands, and we can out-rank every other platform because Brandlight websites are the brand – we have a vested-interest in their growth and optimisation.

Platforms we compare to

Shopify Enterprise, Magento Enterprise, Bigcommerce Enterprise, Spryker, Shopware, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Oracle Commerce, Atlassian, Freshworks and similar – also listed here.

If you’ve seen an application or feature you like, and think it is something we should do too, we can probably develop it, probably faster, and definitely with the rest of the brand data from its central database of valuable knowledge.

Companies we like and aspire to

GitLab [12]

Based on:

Resulting in:
GitLab raising $145m from 2015-2019 and valued at $1bn. [14]

Transferwise [15]

Based on:

  • their disruptive and simplified international-payments technology,
  • open pricing-model [16],
  • and Skype founders peer-to-peer innovations,

Resulting in:
Transferwise raising $582 from 2012 to 2019 and valued at $3.5bn. [17]

WordPress & Woocommerce [18] [19] [20] [21]

Based on:

Resulting in:
Automattic raising $617m from 2006 to 2019 and valued at $3bn. [24]

These are all platform and companies with which we have significant technical synergies, and could also be potential investors or later acquirers.

Where are we now?

We have three live ecommerce websites based on the Brandlight platform; one client is our own health product distribution business, and one client is our most-esteemed brand partnership with the largest direct-to-consumer brand in it’s sector in the US, Swanson Health Products.

Please do review our live websites so-far [25] – try the changing the language, using the search, checking the speed and checkout on your desktop and your phone – let us know what you think!

What are we asking for?

Financial acceleration, mentorship, synergies, shared understandings, scaleable philosophies, and pragmatic target-based ambitions.

Foremost, we have finite time, development requires highly-experienced skill that needs to focus on solving every challenge, so we must respectfully reserve our primary conversation time for those already supporting us, and discussing with those that understand our industry and wish to grow with us. We can explain pretty-much anything ecommerce and web though, if you need.

Hopefully, you will appreciate our selectiveness for less conversation and more action – this is our faithful commitment to those we work with, and the priority and for the service excellence they rightfully expect in return.

What are we offering?

Seed-round (complete)

~$1.5m already funded in self-investment.

~$1.5m in additional and gracious sweat-equity from our team’s extraordinary additional endeavours since 2017.

~$17m in reinvested ecommerce profit and experience in development of the platform as a live and working application since 2004 from ~$54m in sales.

We consider our seed round [26] investment is complete, and has resulted in us achieving our target of launching three live international ecommerce websites [25] based on our Brandlight platform development, including; Swanson UK & Europe [27] and [28].

We’re all in the prime of our careers, and expecting to continue with our chosen profession and proudest platform achievement for many years to come still – we offer an assurance of no key-personnel departures from this focus until at-least angel round investors valuations are realised through further series rounds, and likely for the remainder of our longstanding chosen careers in ecommerce.

Upon completion of the angel-round fundraising, the existing team will be offered conditional shares for their stake in the excellence of the product to-date and continuing evolution.

Angel-round, series A (now)

A 20% equity-stake in the establishment of Brandlight Limited, including all intellectual property, as a new and separate Limited Liability Company, most likely in Jersey for its concentrated proximity of highly reputable accounting, legal, financial and digital skills – in return for a seed-capital matching investment of $20m from our angel investors [29] and super angels [30].

Expressions of interest and conditional pledges of funding-level capabilities is now invited – those making pledges will be advised as the target funding is pledges are made, and the total has been achieved for completion of this round.

It is requested that notably experienced technology investors permit our sharing of their pledge intentions with other select prospects, for the reassurance of all investors being approached, and their view of the capabilities and value of the platform from our co-investors.

Everything is of course negotiable – the team is mature, proven and conversant on our specialist subject, with a much wider network of equally skilled, and ready to on-board, further developers, designers and writers, all seeking the best-possible matching commitment in return, and to promote your sound investment in their high-demand expertise.

The company will be new, separate, unencumbered and have two live paying clients, 18 highly-experienced ecommerce developers, and all branding, domains and code intellectual property seeded at launch, and hosted with for visibility of daily progress and activity.

Your balance for targets, timescale, and our ability to raise sufficient funding is necessary to guarantee the project’s secure and successful completion to achieve all high-volume sales processing performance-metric expectations, through the many thousands of orders, shipments and messages we can process per day.

This angel-round is now open, by invitation and recommendation, to a select group of friends and esteemed successful technology and intellectual property development peers.

Once our targets are reached, this round will be closed and likely remain so for the 3 years forecast.

The team proposes reserving 30% of shares for any additional fundraising needs in the first instance, with these further shares becoming available by preference to our earliest investors.

We expect to welcome between two and six suitable angels, for their shared confidence, interests – and security that the total funding committed is sufficient to guarantee the completion of all planned developments with successful exceeding of targets.

We remain open to exploring crowdfunding with the complimentary publicity this can also attract, although at this stage we believe time is of the essence, and are first discussing with notable established individuals and entities for their likely more specifically related experience and complimentary network of trusted contacts.

It is anticipated that this round will fund all development, operations, administration, investor relations and on-boarding a target of 4 new clients in the first year, 12 new clients in the second year and 52 new clients in the third year, to achieve $15m in annual revenues from $7.5m in operational costs – by which point the platform should enter testing for self-service set-up and deployment for almost infinite scaleability and sales promotion.

We already have a cohort of 12 established and ready to go clients with demonstrable ecommerce sites, all in the $50m to $500m turnover bracket, all awaiting our availability to begin work on their international brands – and your confident commitment for their security of sufficient resources to offer the quality and service-level assurances they naturally expect.

We recommend a 100% reinvestment model until series-rounds, for a targeted growth-based valuation.

Exceeding targets may still justify early dividends but we graciously wish to manage the expectations for time, costs and focus in the securing and optimisation development work necessary to build on our years of experience and existing detailed roadmap.

We suggest that angel associated companies that may also adopt the Brandlight platform, and would pay the advertised price for pricing integrity and fairness to all investors – yet have preference in the deployment queue and additional influence in feature development prioritisation should their associated enterprises be suitable for adoption of the platform also.

Please do review what we’ve already built, have it reviewed by your most challenging technical contacts, and consider the effects of multiplying our engineering team capabilities by approximately 10 from this investment round with a staffing of approximately 60 developers and 120 content, sales, marketing and support staff.

This should give you a good idea of what we can do with the correct and planned financing that is necessary for acceleration, focus, refinement – and a dedicated sales, marketing and client account management team.

If you are reading this far, it is likely we have approached you, with an already great respect for your achievements, and hope for an appreciation of our similar work and ambitions.

We invite your respected time and feedback, for both guidance and expressions of interest, to help us reach our angel-round targets and return our full focus on the rapid development work that we love being able to do.

We expect our existing and new client’s resulting accelerated performance to further evidence the calculable value and scaleable capability of the Brandlight platform, which is demonstrated through site analytics and testimony.

If you can provide your respected expertise on the financing side of things – we can and will do everything else – just follow what we do from your desktop or phone, and let us know what you think.

Series investment rounds (to be confirmed)

Our series fundraising rounds [31] are suggested to be for an approximate $290m for a further 29% equity-stake in the establishment the Brandlight platform, service and company, resulting in the seed and angel round investors retaining 50%. This would represent a ten-fold increase in the share valuation, hence the time spent to this point will be on establishing and proving scalability and growth trajectory.

We have the understanding and skill to build a platform and team as capable of the same levels of customer scaling as GitLab, Transferwise and Automattic’s Woocommerce, the expected staffing levels for this scale would be in the 500-1,000 range and would effectively ensure the platform could service every common organisational functionality need on all devices.

Further rounds will most likely be from associated connections with investors, potential clients like Blackrock [32] and their companies, and Goldman Sachs [33] and their companies – or potentially other similar established web technology platform investors – for this your consultation and guidance would be highly regarded.

How are we valuing Brandlight?

Perhaps you’ll notice the numbers add up to a target $1bn target eventual or exit valuation – perhaps ambitious – but this is a self-funded and already profitable 100% mark-up, 50% margin product and associated services.

Digital intellectual property and services have almost infinite replication capability, in-line with our comparable platforms, potential suitors, and an almost limitless global business audience in any language.

Brandlight is also rather unique, as you may already have seen if you’ve ever tried, and as we did, to find an equally comprehensive and internationalised existing solution.

Please do Google as much as you like for “open-source enterprise ecommerce” or similar terms based on the above-mentioned features – we’d be very interested to be compared with anything you find that we haven’t already.

Almost all organisations need a website, and many other peripheral applications to do business with comprehensive, accurate and user accountable record-keeping – add international into the mix and it gets a bit complicated.

Businesses need modern maintained websites, perhaps more-so than offices and shops, to engage with an audience who’s increasing first point of contact is through an internet search.

The Brandlight website application is the digital equivalent of an office or store, except that with the blueprints of the codebase, we don’t need all the concrete, steel, glass, copper and other materials to quickly replicate it.

However, the rents are similar, and scale with the volume of products, services and transactions undertaken – hence our valuations are in-line with physical commercial property valuations.

We can grow, atomically and infinitely with our client’s brand successes, as their trusted and integral digital landlords.

We offer the equivalent of serviced digital-offices, a compliment to the growth in demand for multi-location physical serviced-offices, both with continuous optimisations, and an always current presentation on all devices in all locations and languages.

Perhaps our valuation expectations are extravagant, perhaps they are ambitious – we hope so – and more importantly, we expect from your previous experiences, network and guidance, it is an inspiring and worthy pursuit for you too.

The one question we don’t have is; if we can deliver the technology to match – we already have, and can do more with your support.

We truly hope you will already see from our heritage, and live, working, profitable progress so far that we are a 20-year established team and development, ready to do business.

What do you think?

Please email me directly: and let’s talk.

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