Brandlight was started in 2020 by a team of health professionals and enthusiasts with a vision to dedicate their careers to studying and contributing to the research and development of products to help our families, friends and extended customer family discover the feeling of being nourished for their lifestyle and personal needs.

We visit and inspect every single supplier and audit our supply chain for meeting standards and the ethics we insist upon to put our names to the products and reputation on their value.

As a team with a broad range of skills, we have grown in size, capability and efficiency by embracing technology and a continual evolution approach to our business.

We are great believers in continual gathering and response to feedback, so we hope that you will find that in every interaction with every person or part of our organisation you have an opportunity to highlight your experiences and let us know what you love and what you would like to see added or improved.

You are our employer – and every time you make a purchasing decision or interaction with our support teams, then we expect to perform as your star employee every time – because your custom and communications is what fuels both our passions and our ability to keep doing and improving based on your needs.

Of course, we can also get fired a thousand times a day should you decide that we have not met your expectations, so we never take your good custom for granted, and as shoppers ourselves, we sympathise when things might not go perfectly and will do everything we would expect to be done for us to make sure our relationship is a long-lasting one and our investment back in you is in dedicating ourselves to the quality, value and service you deserve.

If you like what we do – tell everyone – the more people we can help, the greater the economies of scale we can generate for everyone too. And if you don’t, please tell us and we list every single recommendation or request and are always working on releasing new products, features, services and technologies to make your wishes part of our many skills and features.

Yes, we’re online and everything nowadays is emails and messages – but please do pick up the phone and day hello too, we have a great customer service team and there’s no distance between them and the management or people behind the scenes, so they can always get your message to the right person or team. And if you visit one of the many trade shows we exhibit at, then please do pop by, say hello and tell us your stories.

With love and gratitude, we remain at your service and look forward to a long, healthy and happy life working with you.

Marcus and the whole Brandlight team.